About Me

Brendan Hill and Brielle Hill

I’m not a guru, ninja or rockstar; just an effective marketer (among other things). I’m passionate about video, email, blogging and podcasting.

In 2015 I’ve shifted my focus to creating engaging videos for brands with my trusty sidekick, Brielle the Golden Retriever (did you know that having a dog in your video increases click-through rates by 315%?).

I’m unleashing the power of video to:

– Drive traffic and generate leads

– Create relationships and communities

– Sell your products

– Teach your audience

– Build your brand

I was born in Sydney, but now I’m living inside the Google Cloud. I also hate coffee.

I used to have a 9 to 5 job, which I really did love. I was working in marketing at UNICEF, helping raise funds for the world’s most disadvantaged children. This is where I learnt that the secret to living is giving – in life, in business, in providing value to your tribe.

After 5 rewarding years, I decided to get out of my comfort zone. I bought a house, quit my job and got married. So far so good.

Now I help businesses grow by taking their content marketing strategy to the next level. I have found that online video is the fastest way to do this. I may even help you become the Steven Spielberg of business video in your niche.


Content Marketing (Video, Email, Podcast, Blogging), Conversion Optimization, Retention Strategy, E-commerce.